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British rally driver Sam Bilham

2014 MSA RSF Young Driver of the Year, BTRDA Rally First 1.0, F1000 senior and MSA English Rally Junior Champion. 2016  MSA English Rally Champion, 2300 Club John Easson Award Winner, DMACK Fiesta ST Trophy and BTRDA N3 Champion

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Competed since the age of sixteen as passenger in his dads sporting trials car. Started competing at age of seventeen in autotests, then road and stage rallies. Member and ex president of Yorkshire Sports Car Club.


Stage commander for many events since the late seventies including Trackrod Rally, Mintex, Ripponian and RAC Safety Radio on events when time allows.Team co ordinator for Ford F2 in BRC, Irish Tarmac Championship and Ford KA Championship over seven years.


Forced into retirement from competing due to assiting in Sam's career.

Joined Formula 1000 Committee to help to bring on the young drivers of the future.


Cameron Fair

Tony Bilham

Martin Wild



Our team members are all volunteers and give up their valuable time to support to Sam Bilham Motorsport . Without them we simply would not be able to compete. The effort and enthusiasm they put in is huge. We will always be grateful for everything they do. Read more below..

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Lives with Nicky and has two sons. Gareth and Tony met when they were on the Ford F2 Team working for Boland Motorsport.


Built both the Nissan Micras that Sam is competing in. Worked for Ford Motorsport, Vauxhall Turkey and VW Motorport running the diesel Golf which Neil Simpson had huge success in. Worked for VW on Polo challenge and Giles Phillips Motorsport. Runs Gareth Hooper Motorsport Services. Together with Tony & Martin ran cars in Ford F2 in the BRC, Irish Tarmac Championship and three cars in Ford KA Challenge.

Builds very reliable rally cars. Competes in his own Manta 400 Replica with great succes. Formula 1000 Technical Officer.

Married with three children, Martin has a never say die attitude,  if the car can be got to the finish Martin will get it there.


Seven years with Ford Motorsport F2 Team responsible for chase car and working in service area. Also worked with Ford on KA challenge cars. Never competed other than club events. Heavy recovery specialist for day job Supported many people over the years and builds Tim Mason's Porsche's. Can be counted on 100 per cent. Wicked and some what deranged sense of humour.